A: You can do the check-in until 10pm. After that time no new guests can be accepted until 8:30am the next morning.

A: Due to the limited number of pitches it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to make prior reservations

A: No, reservations can only be made by filling out the "reservation form" on our website. You can find the form in the menu under Reservations. Inquiries about availability can be made by phone at all times but are no guarantee of a pitch!

A: No, however we have 2 rental 'Bell tents' fully furnished on a "Tent & Breakfast" basis. Please check the dedicated webpage in the website menu for the conditions.

A: No, Camping Rosário is a campsite as any other with the only exception that we prefer not to admit young children (under the age of 16). This to ensure peace and quiet throughout the day and night without being disturbed by kids playing or shouting.

A: Yes, we are fond of your k9 companion throughout the entire opening period of the camping. However you as the owner are required to keep your friend on a lead at all times.

A: Yes, that is to say; after having done the check-in (before 10 pm) you may leave and come back at any time. When coming back very late, some 'house rules' apply in order not to awaken other guests.

A: No, any form of open fire is not allowed inside the park. Meal preparations may only be done by using GAS FUELED or electric devices. BBQ-ing is only allowed using the central BBQ in the designated area.

A: There is no law forbidding you to do that, however we do not recommend it. The water is shallow and there are shepherds grazing their flock. However there are several fluvial beaches in the vicinity of the campsite.

A: No, there is no restaurant. Arriving late? Make sure you've had something to eat 'on the road'.

A: No we do not. In Rosário village there is a (very) small shop The nearest supermarket is in Alandroal at 13 km.

A: Yes, we allow cars to be parked on, or immediate next, to your pitch.

A: Yes you may leave later (until 7pm) but you will be charged 50% of a night fare. This applies also if you have already vacated your pitch!

A: High commissions, 12 month banking costs and limited amount of transactions per day do not justify the investment in equipment as we are only open 7 months per year.

A: No, we ask you to settle your bill at the moment of departure.